Floor preparation is one of the most important key factors to a successful coating system! Sometimes, you can re-coat the surface if it is completely clean, dry and it is not peeling or chipping… and you are using the same product. At Surface Colors we don’t take chances when it comes to preparation  or installing a floor system! We always remove any old coating(s) by grinding or shot blasting the surface to open the pores of the concrete to get maximum penetration for the new coating system. 

Listed below are several different methods of preparation that we use


The first method of floor preparation and probably the most commonly used among DIY and quite a few contractors is Acid etching using a muratic acid and water solution to etch the concrete to create a mechanical bond. However, Acid etching will only work on concrete that has not been previously sealed or painted. If Acid Etching is to used, it is also very important to naturalize the acid solution and rinse thoroughly afterwards. 


The Second and the most popular is Diamond Grinding.  There is a lot we take into consideration when we grind a concrete substrate for a coating system. 
1. Is there a coating system down already? Thin, Thick?
polycrystalline diamonds) are used to remove old epoxy coatings and Textures such as spray crete.
2. Is the concrete substrate Soft, Med, Hard or extra hard?
The hardness of the concrete substrate dictates the hardness of diamonds that will be used to profile the floor to the proper (CSP) Concrete Surface Profile required for the new system.
3. What type of system will be applied after grinding?
This dictates the grit that is to used, ranging from 6 grit to 30 grit for a typical epoxy/
These questions

than meets the eye when grinding a concrete substrate We also have all OHSA approved Hepa concrete vacuums that attach to each of our grinders. have the industrial equipment to get the job done right. OUr diamond grinding 


The Third is Shot Blasting. Shot blasting is mechanical method of achieving a certain CSP (Concrete Surface Profile) for the coating system that you plan on installing on your floor. The CSP ranges from a CSP 1 which is a similar to acid washing to a CSP 10 which is very, very aggressive and this is usually used for overlay systems, such as mortar or other high build systems.

Shot blasting equipment actually blast/throws metal (similar to small BB’s) or other media at the floor surface at over 200+ MPH to achieve this CSP profile. Also, the speed at which the machine travels and the media size used will dictate the CSP that you end up with. The reason for a specific profile in our case is for maximum adhesion purposes only and that’s what we care about!